1997 Members of the Year

Deputy Steven Horstman

Department of Law Enforcement

Deputy Steven Horstman is the President's Roundtable and the Fraternal Order of Police 1997 Deputy Sheriff of the Year. He received numerous agency accomplishment reports and commendations, including Deputy Sheriff of the Quarter. Deputy Horstman has been commended for his self-initiated actions and productivity performed throughout 1997. In March of 1997, Deputy Horstman self-initiated an investigation of a suspicious vehicle that later resulted in the recovery of a stolen vehicle, a large quantity of stolen cigarettes, the solving of a convenience store burglary and the arrest of suspects on numerous felony charges. In April of 1997, Deputy Horstman made 25 self-initiated arrests. During the second quarter of 1997, Deputy Horstman made a total of 63 arrests. He also made 45 arrests during the third quarter of 1997 while on a 6-week special assignment to the Bureau of Special Investigations.

Department of Detention

Sergeant Michael Schoch has served the Department of Detention since April of 1990. In 1997 he served as a Platoon Sergeant, a training instructor, a member of the Detention Disturbance Team, and the Acting Floor Training and Evaluation Program Coordinator. He has been a leader and innovator, especially in the areas of training, efficiency, and effectiveness. He has created lesson plans that enable agency members to be trained while on duty, and keeps his shift prepared for emergencies through drills. Sgt. Schoch also developed an agency approved method for the inmate restraint chair. He is involved in the Detention Disturbance Team, a high profile specialized unit. He also instructs other area law enforcement and corrections/detention agencies.

Cynthia McGuirt

Department of Administration

Cynthia "Sam" McGuirt has demonstrated exemplary performance of duty, a thoroughly professional work ethic, and extraordinary service to the agency and community during 1997. She is recognized for her contributions and collaborative efforts at the fourth annual COPS golf tournament. During the 1997 Christmas season, Cynthia also coordinated the Christmas Angel Program for residents of the Florida Sheriffs Youth Villa. She decorated the agency's Christmas Angel tree with the names of 26 children who were "adopted," and gathered donations to purchase presents. Her generous efforts ensured that those less fortunate had a memorable holiday experience. Cynthia also holds the office of President for the Employee's Association.