Awards & Honors

Honorees for 2003

The Sheriff's office established a system for the recognition of individual acts of heroism, meritorious service and continued excellence in the performance of duty. The system consists of:



Deputy Sheriff of the Year:

Winner - Deputy Sheriff Gregory Goreck

Runner Up - Deputy Sheriff Robert Arndt

Runner Up - Deputy Sheriff Jill Seymour



Detention Deputy of the Year:

Detention Deputy Alex Tamayo

Civilian of the Year:

Winner - Eric Marlow, Chief Mechanic Fleet Services

Runner Up - Paula Maney, Crime Scene Technician

Runner Up - Tom Cook, HR Development Manager

Medal of Honor: This medal is the highest award presented by the Sheriff's Office. It shall be awarded only under the most extraordinary circumstances.  A member must display extreme conspicuous bravery, or courage above and beyond the call of duty. This conduct shall occur in immediate life threatening peril which places the member at extreme risk without regard for their personal safety and in the interest of others. The act must demonstrate professional judgment which did not jeopardize the mission.

Deputy Sheriff Craig Powers

Medal of Valor: This medal is the second highest award presented by the Sheriff's Office. It shall be awarded under extraordinary circumstances. A member who displays bravery or heroism above and beyond the call of duty. This conduct shall occur in life-saving, life-protecting situations for the members placed at risk. The act must demonstrate professional judgment which does not jeopardize the mission. The Medal of Valor recognizes heroic conduct, but to a lesser degree than the Medal of Honor.

Lieutenant Paul Kurtzweil Deputy sheriff Brian Scott Russell
Deputy Sheriff Lanny Walker Deputy Sheriff Andrew McKee
Deputy Sheriff Robert Arndt Deputy Sheriff Albert Marvin
Deputy Sheriff A. Lee Hardee Deputy Sheriff Brad Gallagher
Deputy Sheriff M. Nathan Manning Deputy Sheriff Shawnee McCawley

Meritorious Service Medal: The Meritorious Service Medal is awarded for individual service to the Sheriff's Office. It shall be awarded to members who demonstrate exceptional performance of duty.  Recipients will have distinguished themselves by performing exceptional service in a duty of great responsibility of critical importance to the Sheriff's Office. This is measured by contributing materially to the success of field or administrative operational goals.

Guidelines for nominations are: Substantial cost saving, increased efficiency, increased effectiveness, enhanced public image, improved safety of members, or technical innovation. Long and faithful service shall not be considered for the Meritorious Service Medal.

Deputy Sheriff Brett Hulverson Deputy Sheriff Richard "Tom" Wheeler
Deputy Sheriff Eric Powers Donna Parker, Background Investigator
Dr. Ronald Case William Ken Lee, Background Investigator
Jennifer Williams, E. S. Manager Melissa Calandros, Staffing Specialist
Amy Thompson, Staffing Specialist

Purple Heart Medal: This medal is awarded to members seriously injured in the line-of-duty. A member who receives serious injuries incurred during the course of criminal apprehension or lifesaving efforts. Serious injury is defined as that which results in great bodily harm, or is life-threatening, or causes permanent disfigurement or disability; including those which result in paralysis. (Accidental injuries shall not be considered.)

Deputy Sheriff David Bell

Detective Charles Hicks


Sheriff's Commendation: Sheriff's Office members shall be awarded a Sheriff's Commendation for performance above and beyond the call of duty. Sheriff's Commendations shall be signed by the Sheriff. Sheriff’s Commendations shall be prepared on designated stationery. It shall reflect a synopsis of commendable actions justifying the Sheriff's Commendation. Members who distinguish themselves by an act or series of acts above and beyond the call of duty. Previously issued Department Commendations and Division Commendations may predicate the Sheriff's Commendation. A single act of high regard or recognition which results in positive material results or exceptional service in a duty of critical importance to citizens and the Sheriff's Office shall justify awarding the Sheriff's Commendation.

Deputy Sheriff Thomas Brewin Deputy Sheriff Mallory Gene Smith
Deputy Sheriff Johnnie Wombles Deputy Sheriff David Kuehl
Deputy Sheriff Shawn Stephenson Sheree Young, Sheriff Service Officer
Deputy Sheriff Robert Clayton

Marshall Anderson Award: Sheriff’s Office members who distinguish themselves by overcoming extreme adversity in their daily lives shall be awarded the Marshall Anderson Award. The Marshall Anderson Award shall be signed by the Sheriff. It shall be prepared on designated stationery and shall reflect a come adversity. A member who distinguishes themselves by their undaunted determination to overcome personal adversities and strive for proficiency and excellence in their daily lives and in the performance of their job duties.

Captain Michael Bass

Sergeant Cassandra Kemp

Medal of Merit - National Sheriff's Association

Deputy Sheriff Rickey Bucy


Former Purple Heart Recipients
Members of the Sheriff's Office who have received the Purple Heart.