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Citizen Information 

Welcome to the Polk County Sheriff's Office Citizen Information page.  This area has been designed to assist you, the citizens of Polk County, in finding information on a variety of topics important to our community.  Information on the following subjects is just a click away!

 Downloadable Files

Agricultural Watch Program Packet.pdfAgricultural Watch Program PacketAgricultural Watch Program Packet
GO.pdfGeneral Orders CS 72GO
2014 PAY PLAN 12-23-13.pdf2014 PAY PLAN 12-23-132014 PAY PLAN 12-23-13
GO.pdf.pdfGeneral Orders CS 71GO.pdf
Extra-Duty Employment Funeral Escort Form.docExtra-Duty Employment Funeral EscortExtra-Duty Employment Funeral Escort Form
Extra-Duty Employment Form.docExtra-Duty Employment FormExtra-Duty Employment Form
Public Hearing Notice-McCawley-revised.docxPublic Hearing Notice-McCawley-revisedPublic Hearing Notice-McCawley-revised
Public Hearing Notice-.pdfPublic Hearing NoticePublic Hearing Notice-
FY2013-14 Adopted Budget.pdfFY2013-14 Adopted BudgetFY2013-14 Adopted Budget
2012 Protective Action Annual Report.pdf2012 Protective Action Annual Report2012 Protective Action Annual Report
2012 Administrative Complaint Report.pdf2012 Administrative Complaint Report2012 Administrative Complaint Report
solicitation education flyer final.pdfSolicitation Education Flyersolicitation education flyer final
General Orders.pdfGeneral Orders CS 70General Orders
Solicitation Ordinance.pdfSolicitation OrdinanceSolicitation Ordinance
PAY PLAN 6-24-13.xlsPay Plan 06-24-2013PAY PLAN 6-24-13
2013 W-9.pdfW-9 20132013 W-9
2013-2014 Strategic Plan.pdf2013-2014 Strategic Plan2013-2014 Strategic Plan
Sales Tax Exempt Certificate.pdfSales Tax Exempt CertificateSales Tax Exempt Certificate
2012 Annual Report.pdf2012 Annual Report2012 Annual Report
(More Items...)