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Detention Deputy Training and Evaluation Program 

The Department of Detention implemented the Detention Deputy Training and Evaluation Program (DDTEP) in 1996 to train and evaluate detention deputies upon their completion of the Correctional Academy. This program also is designed to provide mentors for the new detention deputies.

Detention Training Instructors (DTI) are selected from detention deputies with one year of service with the Department of Detention. To qualify as an DTI, a detention deputy must complete a 40 hour DTI training course and have completed 88 hours of an Instructors Techniques Course. Detention Training Instructors are then appointed by a review board.

The Security Division has a DDTEP for each Bureau.  The support Division runs a combined DDTEP.  The DDTEP'S are commanded by a Detention Lieutenant and supervised by one or more Detention Sergeants as required.  The command staff has attended the same training as the Detention Training Instructors.