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Home Security Survey 

Safety begins at home, but few of us provide our families with more security than locked doors and windows. This Survey is for YOUR OWN PRIVATE USE ONLY.  DO NOT MAIL IT IN. It is designed to help YOU identify security problems in YOUR own home.  If it sounds a bit involved - it should. The safety of your family may be compromised, but a Home Security Survey could provide you, your family, and your valuables with an appropriate level of protection to reduce the odds of burglary and theft.  The survey is simple, free, and can be done at your convenience.  The Crime Prevention Section will perform a detailed security analysis of your home and provide you with a list of recommendations.  An integral part of the survey is an assessment of your personal safety habits while in your home or yard.  Take advantage of this free service, call 298-6677 to make an appointment.


  Preliminary Home Security Survey








Do exterior doors have a solid or hollow core?






Do entrance doors have 180° door scope?



Are shrubs cut below window level?



Are locks that can be opened from inside at least 40 inches  from glass?



Are tree limbs cut above window level?



Do they have deadbolt locks w/ a 1" bolt?



Is residence number visible from street and at night?



Is doorjamb tightly fastened?



Can mailbox be locked?



Does door securely fit door jamb?



Is your back door well lit?



Is strike plate securely fastened to doorjamb w/ 3" screws?



Are bicycles, mowers, ladders kept inside?



If hinge pins are outside, are they non-removable?



Is your front door well lit?



Does bolt extend sufficiently into strike plate?



Have you engraved property and put up stickers?



Have locks been re-keyed since you moved in?



Are gates locked w/ weather resistant padlocks?



Does your sliding glass doors have auxiliary locks on them?



Are all sheds or outdoor structures secured with a lock?






Do you have bright lights outside near entrances and large windows?









Have double hung windows been pinned?



Do you stop deliveries?



Do metal windows have auxiliary locks?



Do you set light timers?



Can windows - left open for ventilation - be secured?



Is your yard taken care of?



Do curtains or drapes fully cover windows?



Does your alarm company have the correct contact information?



Is window air conditioner secured from inside?



Do you notify police that you will be away?















Does door close tightly?



Do you have a smoke detector on every floor?



Does overhead door have a track padlock?



If you have a gun, is it kept secured?



Is padlock of high quality?



Do you keep most of your cash in the bank?



Is hasp of high quality, installed without screws showing?



Do you keep a list of all valuable property,
credit cards and serial numbers?



Do you keep overhead door closed  and locked when not in use?



Do you keep this list in a safe place?



Do you remove vehicle keys when garage is  locked?



Do you avoid displaying valuables to strangers?



Can garage light be turned on from inside home?



Have you memorized the telephone numbers for the local law enforcement?

This Survey is for YOUR OWN PRIVATE USE ONLY.  DO NOT MAIL IT IN. It is designed to help YOU identify security problems in YOUR own home.    If you said 'NO' to the 'Neighborhood Watch', please consider one. Call 298-6677 to make an appointment.