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McGruff The Crime Dog 

The goal of McGruff is to bring a higher awareness to the fight against crime. McGruff gives the public a figure to relate to Crime Prevention.

Our objective is to change unwarranted feelings and attitudes about crime and the criminal justice system. We want to generate an individual sense of responsibility for Crime Prevention and initiate individual action toward preventing crime. McGruff mobilizes additional resources for crime prevention efforts and enhances existing crime prevention programs and projects which are conducted by national, state, and local organizations.

In 1980 the National Crime Prevention Council developed a slogan and mascot to kick off a campaign to help residents of the United States to feel more comfortable in fighting crime. The campaign "Take a Bite Out of Crime" and "McGruff the Crime Dog" were born.

McGruff is a national hero, well known by all ages. He is also a local ally and spokesdog, through personal appearances.

99% of children from six to twelve years of age recognize McGruff. Seven out of ten adults know him. Nine out of ten teen's and adults who know McGruff believe he is effective in communicating crime prevention information and trust him as a source. 97% of children said that they would try to do what McGruff tells them.