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Depositing Inmate Funds
Jail Visitor Dress Code 
Visitors must be properly dressed before checking in to visit an inmate. Any clothing or clothing articles that are considered inappropriate will not be permitted to be worn. Proper undergarments must be worn. Some clothing articles and accessories are prohibited.

NO: See-through clothing, halter tops or tops with spaghetti straps, shorts or any other similar type of short outfit, pants that do not cover the knees, skirts or dresses that have slits above the knees, inappropriate language on clothes, swimsuits, hats or other items covering the head, sunglasses, watches, or other items of value. ( Any exception to the above stated rules must be approved by a Visitation member prior to the visit commencing).

Note: Before entering the facility all visitors must remove their watches and jewelry. The only possession the visitor may take into the facility is their identification and keys.