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Court Security Section 


Florida Law established that the Sheriff is the Executive Officer of the Court and the means by which the judgments of the Court are generally enforced. As the Executive Officer, the Sheriff is required to attend, either in person or by Deputy, all terms of the Circuit Court and County Court held in the county.

Since the Sheriff of Polk County is unable to attend all courts personally, he has assigned certain Deputies to act as the Courts Executive Officers. These Deputies are traditionally called Bailiffs.



The objective of the Court Security Section is to specialize in performing the duties of the Sheriff as the Executive Officer attending the Court.



The Bailiff’s primary objective is to provide security for the Court and the Jury, so that justice can be fairly determined and administered. Included in these primary objectives are the functional goals of protecting the jury from any unauthorized communications or interferences, maintaining order of the Court, guarding any persons remanded to the custody of the Sheriff, and carrying out all lawful orders of the Court pertaining to its safe and efficient operation.



The Court Security Section of the Department of Detention, Support Division, consists of one Lieutenant, three Sergeants, forty-seven Bailiffs, five Detention Deputies, and two Detention Support Specialists.

Polk County currently has 35 circuit/county judges and 17 Senior Judges, 4 Magistrates, and 4 Hearing Officers. Bailiffs are assigned to individual judges, Magistrates, Hearing officers and/or courtrooms. Satellite courtrooms are located in Lakeland and Winter Haven, and are also maintained by Bailiffs.



During 2015, the Court Security Section provided security for 226,752 cases and 594 jury trials. A total of 321 arrests occurred in the courthouse.  Also during 2015, the Court Holding Unit housed 27,926 male/female adult inmates and 3,071 juvenile detainees prior to their court appearances, and processed 1,024 remanded individuals at the Judicial Complex in Bartow and at the satellite court houses.