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Transportation Unit and Detention Counselors
Transportation Unit and Detention Counselors 
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Transportation Unit-
The Transportation Unit transported 45,427 inmates during 2014, from state-wide inmate transports to local medical transports and traveled over 519,494 miles within the State of Florida. The Transportation Unit is allocated one supervisor and six Detention Deputy positions. G4S Inc. is responsible for all inmate court related transports and assists with inmate transports to local medical appointments.  


The Transportation Unit’s primary function is to provide the safe transportation of inmates housed at the Polk County Detention facilities to court hearings, medical appointments, state prisons, and all court ordered movement from all counties within the state of Florida. Many of the inmates transported from other counties in Florida require that the transportation detention deputies seek overnight accommodations.


There are approximately twenty-four vehicles assigned to this unit. This includes four cars, fourteen vans and three buses. The Transportation Unit is specially equipped with three mini buses for the transport of  general population inmates; as well as inmates with special needs.


Detention Counselors-

The Detention Counselors' duties include the distribution of reading material through the mobile library cart, the provision of games and resource information to the inmate population, as well as, the processing and responding to inmate requests.

The Lead Detention Counselor provides oversight for the Faith Based Program and coordinates the Inmate Educational ProgramThe Faith Based Program is a voluntary jail dormitory-based rehabilitation program designed to: 1) develop life-skills that will enable students to live successful and meaningful lives and strengthen them to effectively deal with obstacles and difficulties of everyday life, and 2) assist students to live lives that make a difference and encourage them to leave a lasting and valuable impact on the world in which they live. The inmate participating in the program is given a catalyst for change through the support of volunteers providing the ministries of personal mentoring, Bible study, preaching, and practical life skills teaching. Through the influence of these qualified volunteers, the inmate has a greater chance for success and greater chance to become a productive member of society.

A recent program offered by the Polk County Sheriff's Office is the Inmate Educational Program: "Keys to Staying Out of Jail".The vision of this program is to provide every inmate in Polk County with practical and academic education focused on improving their quality of life and that of the community around them. The goal of the program is to help inmates thrive as productive, crime-free citizens of the community, with zero cost to taxpayers. Two major components are television programming and classroom teaching. Television programming encompasses the bulk of the program, covering a variety of educational topics. Programs run on large-screen televisions from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. in the day room areas of the jails. Academic topics inlclude Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing, with the goal of helping inmates prepare for the GED test. Health and better living information is also broadcasted- with topics such as HIV and disease prevention; drug education and prevention; cleanliness; making better choices; how to love and help children; setting good examples; etc. Classroom teaching includes CPR instruction, GED preparation classes, and job skills training.