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Inmate Work Program Statistics
Inmate Work Program - Weekday
Inmate Work Program - Weekend
State, County, and City Roads Covered
Inmate Work Program 

The Polk County Sheriff's Office Detention Weekday Work Program is made up of individuals who have been sentenced to spend a certain number of weekends on a work program as opposed to completing their sentence in jail. The Weekend Work Program serves a three-fold purpose: it allows an individual to pay their debt to society without going to jail, allows an individual to maintain gainful employment, and also eliminates the expense to the taxpayer to house these individuals in the detention facilities. 

During the first nine month's of the programs existence in 2004 a total of 457 inmates were sentenced to the program. In 2016 161,838 labor hours were utilized during the weekdays for a labor savings of $1,497,001.50 based upon minimum wage.



In 2015, a weekend average of 187 individuals performed tasks such as picking up trash along county highways, mowing, laying sod, tearing down abandoned buildings, and cleaning out the cans of local lake systems.  Statistical data for this program has increased due to joint participation from various county agencies.  Due to the size of the county, litter pick up for county roadways is scheduled by the program coordinator on a rotation basis so that adequate coverage is provided for the entire county.

The Central County Jail also benefits from the labor provided by the Inmate Work Program Inmates by maintaining the grounds, washing and detailing Detention Transportation vehicles, and cleaning up parking lots.

Provided the person successfully completes the program, his/her sentence is completed. If, however, the Inmate Work Program Inmate fails to obey the rules or fails to show up as directed, the sentencing judge is notified and a warrant is issued which could result in a jail sentence.

Individuals may also be assigned to serve program time Monday through Friday if eligible and in need of weekday hours.  Those assigned to the Weekday Work Program assist local city and county agencies with various projects.  This also reduces expense to the taxpayer.

 Inmate Work Program Coordinator

Contact Point: Sgt. Bryan Titus

Phone: (863) 519-4707