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Support Division 
The Support Division, commanded
Major William A. Slaybaugh, Jr
consists of two Bureaus.

Court & Support Services Bureau
Bureau Captain Richard Hohl, Jr.

Transportation Unit                                   Sgt. Ronald Smith

Court Security Section
Lt. Phillip Petote

Bailiff Squad #1
Bailiff Squad #2
Bailiff Squad #3
Court Holding Unit

Food Service Section
Mr. Barry Martin

Court Process Section
Lt. Tom Brabant

Central County Jail Unit West Unit
South County Jail Unit East Unit
  Civilian Unit
Intake and Records Bureau
Bureau Captain Markennis D. Calhoun

Inmate Records Section &  Inmate Work Program
Administrator Christin Richards

The Inmate Records Section consists of the Classifications Unit and the Objective Classifications Unit.

The Classifications Unit is responsible for the maintenance of all inmate files throughout their incarceration. All time credits are calculated and all court documents are placed in the inmate's file. The Objective Classifications Unit assesses each inmate that has extended time in the Polk County Jail to determine their custody levels and continually reassess them when incidents occur that may change their level.

In 2011, the Classifications Unit processed 40,922 court snap-outs (sentencing documents), calculated 6,797 inmate credits and outdates, notified 4,977 victims of inmate statuses, and sent 1,551 inmates to State Prison. The Objective Classifications Unit assessed and reassessed 19,913 inmates.


Inmate Intake Section
Lt. Duane Daugtry

The inmate Intake Section consists of 4 booking squads of certified detention deputies, supervised by detention sergeants, working at the Central Booking facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Central Booking is located at 455 North Broadway Avenue, Bartow, Florida, at the Lawrence W. Crow, Jr. building. Intake information may be obtained by dialing 863.534.6300 or via the inquiry tab at the top of this page. 

The facility processes all arrestees or inmates that enter into the Polk County Jail.The Intake Records Specialists generate a hard file and a computer file on all inmates at the time of booking. They also complete a book out process for all inmates before they leave the Polk County Jail.

In 2010, 30,306 inmates were booked into the Polk County Jail, and 29,888 inmates were booked out. Also in 2010, 994 warrants were served by detention deputies working in Central Booking and over 46 million dollars was processed from cash bonds, surety bonds, purges, etc.