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How does the AFIS work?
Major Crimes Section 

The Major Crimes Section encompasses the following areas:

Homicide Unit 

The homicide unit, which consists of two Sergeants, nine detectives and one analyst, is responsible for the investigation of all homicides in unincorporated Polk County.  In addition, they conduct investigations in all unattended natural deaths, accidental deaths, suicides, child and infant deaths, or any death that is deemed suspicious in nature.  The homicide unit investigates all officer-involved shootings by sheriff’s office members and other agency shootings at the request of that agency.  The Polk County Sheriff’s Office also works death investigations for local police agencies at the request of that agency.  All “in-custody’ deaths are thoroughly investigated by the homicide unit whether they occur at a Polk County Sheriff’s Office Detention facility or an individual dies while in the custody of a member of the Sheriff’s Office before arriving at a Sheriff’s Office Detention facility.

    Robbery Unit 

    The robbery unit, comprised of one Sergeant, five Detectives and one analyst, is responsible for the investigation of all robberies where a firearm is used, commercial robberies such as banking institutions, armed car-jacking, and serial type robberies whether there is a firearm involved or not.

    Detention Investigative Unit 
    This unit consists of one sworn Detective, who conducts criminal investigations of offenses that occur in the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Detention facilities.