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Welcome to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Section’s on-line tag renewal page! 

For your convenience, we are proud to offer you the option to renew your pet’s rabies license tag via the internet.  To take advantage of this service all you need to do is:

  • Have recently vaccinated your dog or cat against rabies.
  • Have a notice from our office thanking you for vaccinating your pet against rabies and asking you to purchase or renew your pet’s rabies license tag.
  • Reference the Animal ID number and Animal U-number from your reminder notice.
    • Your Animal ID number and Animal U-number can be found on the left hand side of the postcard that you received in the mail:
  • Follow the prompts on this screen.
  • Note when entering your animal’s ID and U-numbers make sure they match the numbers on your notice exactly.

Did you know that Animal Control implemented a stainless steel LIFETIME rabies license tag in 2007? 

This rabies tag stays with your pet and is renewed yearly just like you do with your vehicle’s tag.  Please DO NOT throw this tag away because you WILL NOT automatically be sent a replacement tag when you renew your pet’s rabies license.

  • If you are purchasing a NEW rabies license tag, it will be mailed to you once your on-line transaction has been confirmed.
  • If you are renewing an EXISTING rabies license tag, you will receive a receipt confirming your rabies license tag renewal by e-mail once your on-line transaction has been confirmed.

Are you worried about your spayed or neutered kitty losing his or her rabies license tag? That’s easy to take care of!

  • After you renew your kitty’s rabies license tag, just click on the button to license her pet, confirm your kitty’s animal ID and U-numbers then select the cat collar option.
  • We will send you an elastic no-snag cat collar in the mail with your receipt.
  • Don’t worry if kitty loses his or her collar, just let us know and we’ll send you a free replacement for the life of kitty’s rabies license tag.

NOTICE: Customers purchasing or renewing rabies license tags on line will be assessed a minimum $2.00 internet convenience fee based on the following schedule:


Rabies License Sales



Up to $50.00

$2.00 Fee

$40.00 Sale

$2.00 Fee

$42.00 charged to credit/debit card.

$50.01 to $100.00

$2.95 Fee

$120.00 Sale

$2.95 Fee

$122.95 charged to credit/debit card.

Each additional $100.00

$2.00 Fee

$220.00 Sale

$2.95 + $2.00 Fees

$224.95 charged to credit/debit card.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Section will send you a second receipt by e-mail validating your pet’s license tag.  If this is a NEW PET, Animal Control will also send you a new stainless steel renewable rabies license tag by mail.

Please save or print a copy of your receipt for record keeping purposes.

Look at your reminder card carefully. Does the license number start with an “L”? If so, then


Call your veterinarian immediately for an appointment. Please get your pet’s rabies vaccination updated then mail both the rabies vaccination certificate AND the proper payment to our office to renew your pet’s rabies license tag.

Rabies license tags sales will be refunded immediately for the following reasons:
• Expired rabies vaccination certificates.
• You have a “Polk County (rabies) license tag will expire soon” card. (L# reminder).
• Your pet has NEVER had a rabies vaccination.
• Your veterinarian has NOT sent us your pet’s rabies vaccination certificate.


To begin the payment process, click button below: