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Rabies License Fees 

The Polk County Ordinance requires all dogs and cats four months and older to wear a county license tag at all times. These license tags may be purchased from veterinarians in the area that have opted to sell them or directly from Polk County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control. A current certificate of rabies vaccination is required.

Beginning January 2007 the Polk County Sheriff's Office Animal Control will implement two (2) major changes with our Rabies License Tag Program
  1. The Life time License Tag Program
    • With the new Lifetime License Tag program, the same tag and number will be used each year instead of a new tag and number being issued as in the past.  The license will have to be renewed each year thereafter.  This program is similar to the Motor Vehicle's automobile license plate system
  2. The Three (3) Year Rabies Renewal License Tag (This is an alternative to the one (1) year license tag renewal)
    1. The three (3) year rabies license tag renewal may only be obtained immediately after the three (3) year rabies vaccination is given. The license must be renewed before the vaccination expires.
    2. Three (3) year licenses will only be issued for qualifying rabies vaccinations that were given after January 01, 2007. All others will be issued a one (1) year license.
    3. A rabies vaccination given to cats and dogs under one (1) year of age is only valid for one (1) year by law and therefore will only qualify for a one (1) year tag.
Price list for valid Polk county Licenses (tags)
  Type   1 Year License   3 Year License 
  Altered cats and dogs   $10.00  


  Unaltered cats and dogs   $25.00    


  Exempt non-vaccinated altered cats and dogs   $10.00      
  Exempt non-vaccinated unaltered cats and dogs   $25.00      
  Cat Collars   $1.00      $1.00
  Replacement for lost, current tags   $2.00      $2.00

The Animal Control Section is working hard to safeguard the public health of our county by controlling the spread of rabies. As part of our ongoing effort to eliminate rabies in our county, we have seen a reduction in animals tested positive from twelve (12) in 2003 to five (5) in 2006. All of the animals that tested positive during this period were wild animals with the exception of one (1) cat. Thank you for your cooperation in this effort that affects all of our residents and visitors.

Late license fee (a fee will be assessed for licenses not renewed within thirty days) $10.00.