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S.A.V.E. Lesson Plan Overview 

Lesson #1: S.A.V.E. Introduction and Goal Setting

  • Introduction of Law Enforcement Officer and Students. Identify the purpose, goals, and requirements of the S.A.V.E. program.  Students will realize the importance of setting and achieving goals .

Lesson #2: School violence In Today's Society

  • Students will discuss the problems and solutions of school violence.

Lesson #3: Conflict Resolution

  • 1. Identify the problem.

  • 2. What are the choices?

  • 3. What are the consequences?

  • 4. Make the best choice.

  • 5. Follow Through.

  • 6. Review your decision.

Lesson #4: Confidence Building

  • Assigned groups will demonstrate, through role-playing, their solutions to violence on school campus.

Lesson #5: Gang Identification and Alternatives

  • Student will discuss the characteristics of gangs and alternatives to joining gangs.

Lesson #6: Substance Abuse

  • Students will lean to identify commonly used drugs.

Lesson #7: Cultural Diversity

  • Students will learn to appreciate cultural differences and similarities in today's society.

Lesson #8: Course Review and Completion of Essay

  • Students will review previous lessons and complete their essays.