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Extra-Duty Employment of Deputies

Extra-Duty Employment of Deputies Contract

As established by Florida Statute Title V Chapter 30.2905 (Florida Senate - Statutes), deputies are available for private hire during their off-duty hours at the request of citizens, organizations and businesses. Deputies can assist the community by providing security, crowd control, uniformed law-enforcement presence, or traffic control in an off-duty capacity for private functions, social events, store sales events, parades, civic celebrations, job safety, construction, funeral escorts, etc.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) has established the Extra-Duty Employment Unit to coordinate these requests. The Extra-Duty Employment Unit is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The unit can be reached by calling 863-298-6231 or emailing to

PCSO deputies do not set up their own off-duty jobs and services; however, the Extra-Duty Coordinator can provide the contracts for requests in a timely manner. All extra-duty employment provided by PCSO deputies must be within the PCSO jurisdiction with the exception of special events.  

Currently, the PCSO rate for off duty employment is $25.00 an hour. Larger events requiring an acting Sergeant and/or Lieutenant have a slight increase for their rate of pay. Our agency imposes a four-hour minimum of pay for all details. For example, if your organization only needed a deputy for 1 ½ hours, the deputy would be paid $100.00 and PCSO would be paid $16.00 for a total of $116.00.

The procedure for hiring an Off-duty deputy is as follows:

  1. Download Extra-Duty Employment Form.pdf, or request via phone the PCSO Extra-Duty Employment contract. The contract must be completed & signed. The contract should be returned to the Extra-Duty Employment Unit at least forty-eight (48) hours before the event to:

Polk County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: PCSO Extra-Duty Employment Unit
1891 Jim Keene Boulevard
Winter Haven, Florida 33880

If you are in need of a funeral escort, please download Extra-Duty Employment Funeral Escort Form.pdf or request via phone the PCSO Extra-Duty Employment contract. The contract must be completed & signed. The contract should be returned to the Extra-Duty Employment Unit at least forty-eight (48) hours before the event to:

Polk County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: PCSO Extra-Duty Employment Unit
1891 Jim Keene Boulevard
Winter Haven, Florida 33880

You can also fax a copy into the office at 863-298-6420 for requests that require immediate scheduling or email a scanned copy to Please note that applications submitted less than forty-eight (48) hours in advance may not be filled. The original contract would still need to be mailed in. 

  1. Upon receipt of the contract, the Extra-Duty Employment Coordinator will contact you in order to verify the information and obtain specific details, if needed. If you do not hear from a representative of the unit within twenty-four (24) hours of faxing/emailing or 3 days of mailing the contract, please contact our office.

  1. Once we have scheduled a deputy for your event, we will call to notify you of who the deputy will be. Please use this information to issue a check or money order made payable to the deputy prior to the start of the event. For longer events lasting more than 3 days, we will bill your organization, if necessary.

  1. Any changes or cancellations must be confirmed with a representative of the Extra-Duty Employment Unit in order not to be responsible for payment. A four (4) hour minimum will be charged if proper notification is not made.

Rates for Service:

  • Polk County Sheriff's Office Off-Duty Employment Rates.
  • 4 Hour Minimum - A deputy can work less than 4 hours but must be paid for 4 hours.

Position Title

Hourly Rate

Minimum Payment




Sergeant (Required for more than 6 Deputies)



Lieutenant (Required for more than 2 Sergeants)



Funeral Escort (4 hours minimum)



Administration Fees



Fuel Surcharge Fees (if vehicle is necessary)



**All contracts will be approved through management to ensure proper staffing.**

Payment Methods:

  1. For limited day assignments, (less than 3 days and not recurring) payment shall be submitted prior to the event to the Extra-Duty Employment Unit during staff office hours. **If prepayment cannot be arranged, payment must be received within fourteen (14) days of the invoice date. **
  2. For recurring assignments, our office will invoice your company and payment shall be made within fourteen (14) days of the invoicing date. Services will be suspended if payment is not received within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. Invoicing options include traditional mail, fax, or email.
  3. As referenced above, deputies will receive a minimum payment of four hours pay for any work detail of less than four hours duration.
  4. Administration and vehicle fees shall be paid directly to PCSO via a check or money order. The payment shall be sent to:

Polk County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: PCSO Extra-Duty Employment Unit
1891 Jim Keene Boulevard
Winter Haven, Florida 33880

NOTE: Non-compliance with the payment policy, without prior arrangements through the Off-Duty office, will result in agency-initiated cancellation of the contract. Further extra-duty employment will be suspended pending settlement of the account and/or civil proceedings.

Staffing Requirements:

  • If the Extra-Duty Employment coordinator determines that the size of the event warrants, or that deputy safety is an issue, extra deputies will be required.


  1. Cancellations must be confirmed at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the scheduled detail during normal business hours. If the detail is cancelled or changed and the Extra-Duty Employment Unit does not confirm notification, then the deputies scheduled for that detail must be paid the 4-hour minimum at a standard hourly rate.
  2. During business hours contact the Extra-Duty Employment Unit by calling 863-298-6231 (Monday - Friday 8am-5pm).

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the employer to notify the Extra-Duty Employment Unit if the business or organization will be closed for a holiday or for any other purpose when off duty deputies are normally scheduled. If employer fails to notify the Extra-Duty Employment Unit that deputies are not needed that day, the normal minimum charges for the assignment will apply.

PCSO reserves the right to cancel extra-duty employment assignments without notice for the following reasons:

  1. A representative requests a deputy to engage in prohibited employment activities as described in agency policies and/or Florida Statutes.  The Extra-Duty Coordinator shall inform the representative of these prohibited extra-duty employment activities during their conversation;
  2. Failure to provide the required notification of cancellation; or
  3. Failure to pay for services rendered.
  4. Recall employees for official duty when necessary for community safety.

Prohibited Extra-Duty Employment –

  1. Employment involving the sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages (Section 561.25, F.S.).  Prohibited employment includes engaging in the sale of alcoholic beverages, or being employed directly or indirectly in connection with the operation of any business licensed under the beverage law.  Locations include bars, parking lots of bars, or any other gathering or event where alcoholic beverages are sold or consumed to the degree that the primary purpose of hiring an off-duty deputy is to keep the peace because of the consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  2. Employment involving bail bond agencies [Section 648.44(2), F.S.];
  3. Investigative work for attorneys, insurance companies, collection agencies, security agencies, process servers, repossession of vehicles or other property or potential conflicts of interest;
  4. Employment as private security guards, or private store detectives other than uniformed law enforcement-related employment as defined herein; and
  5. Any other employment which adversely affects the performance of official duties or which creates violations of ordinances or state statutes or a conflict of interest in violation of Section 112.313, F.S.

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