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Office of Legal Affairs 

Anne Gibson,  Esq.

The Office of Legal Affairs works directly with local, state and federal agencies - including Judges, and other attorney’s offices - with members in the Department of Law Enforcement, Department of Detention, and Office of Business Affairs.

The Office of Legal Affairs consists of three Attorneys, Anne Gibson, Director, Mario Cabrera, Staff Attorney, Jason Reuter, Associate Staff Attorney and includes three support staff, Marilyn Craig, Legal Assistant; Becky Touchton, Legal Secretary; and Erica Joiner, Secretary.

The Office of Legal Affairs handles:

  • State forfeitures for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Mulberry Police Department, Auburndale Police Department, and the HIDTA Task Force
  • Pending civil litigation (consisting of inmate suits, employee matters, personal injury), and coordinates witnesses, depositions, and the discovery process with outside counsel and outside investigator
  • Inmate Habeas Corpus matters
  • Writs of Mandamus
  • 119 Requests
  • Contract matters involving the PCSO and other entities
  • Animal litigation
  • Petitions and Orders regarding the immediate screening for HIV, Hepatitis B and C viruses, and any other sexually transmissible diseases when Deputy Sheriff’s and/or Detention Deputies has been exposed
  • Class Action suits (for example:  body armor)
  • Prepare Legal Bulletins for distribution to Sheriff’s Office members
  • Disburses Legal Bulletins from other agencies
  • Petitions to Expunge/Seal Records
  • Handle Garnishment cases on behalf of PCSO
  • Legal Advice to members concerning Sheriff’s Office matters
  • Handle miscellaneous inmate issues
  • Coordinates with the State Attorney’s Office, PCSO members, and Property/Evidence Unit, and files responses and prepares Orders on Motions for Return of Property
  • Prepare Motions and Orders on Narcotics Transfers to other agencies; including scheduling meeting with Attorney, Duty Judge, and Case Agent for approval of Order
  • Research and prepare legal memorandum on matters requested by agency members

During calendar year 2011 the Office of Legal Affairs successfully recovered $140,206.43 in United States Currency and 29 vehicles.


  • Serves as liaison to the State Attorney’s Office and other private, governmental, and judicial entities on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office
  • Oversees researching and preparing reports on statistics and other legal matters
  • Prepares and conducts public presentations programs
  • Manages all aspects of legal compliance within the Polk County Sheriff’s Office
  • Responds to information requests under F.S. §119 and information subpoenas
  • Responds to proceedings served on the Sheriff and Chief of Staff of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office
  • Responds to depositions
  • Accompanies Deputy Sheriffs during critical warrants and accidents to provide legal counsel
  • Reviews and negotiates contracts of legal sufficiency and fairness to the interest of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office