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Strategic Planning Unit 
The Office of Strategic Planning is comprised of three functions: Planning, Grants Management, and Research. These functions perform a variety of staff administrative and ancillary support services for the Sheriff’s Office.

The Office of Strategic Planning works with the Sheriff and executive staff members to develop a strategic plan identifying long-range and short-term planning objectives by gathering annual statistics on law enforcement calls for service, crime rate, jail population, and county population. This information allows the agency to anticipate the needs of the county as it grows.

The Office of Strategic Planning promotes “safe growth” policies that are integrated with the County and regional growth management policies to ensure the safety and quality of life in Polk County is enhanced.

This unit is also responsible for the writing, budgeting, administration and management related to $10,000,000+ in grant awards from state, local, and federal sources.   Examples of projects funded by grant monies include: COPS deputies, Victims of Crimes Advocates, Internet Crimes Against Children Investigations, Methamphetamine Enforcement, and Domestic Violence Investigators. The Strategic Planning Unit, working in conjunction with the Fiscal Services' Grant accountant, ensures compliance with all grant regulations and guidelines as required by the granting authority.


Did you know?

  • From 2000-20134 Polk County’s population has increased by more than 139,250 individuals (a 29% increase).  The population in Polk County in 2014 was 623,174.[1]
  • Over the last 10 years, Polk County’s population has increased approximately 15%,making Polk County the ninth most populated county in Florida.[1]
  • With an estimated 29% population increase since 2000, Polk County has continued to grow faster than the State (22%) or the nation (12%), during the same time period.[2]
  • Polk County is the fourth largest county in the state, with approximately 2,010 total square miles.
  • In 2014, the primary service population for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office was 406,920 (this includes the contract cities of Frostproof, Polk City, Eagle Lake, Fort Meade, Dundee, and Mulberry).
  • In 2014, approximately 65% of Polk County's population resides in the Sheriff's primary service area.
 In 2013, the Office of Strategic Planning secured the following grants:
  • BJA Justice Assistance Grant $93,034
  • Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence - STOP $183,820
  • Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence - INVEST $75,000
  • FDLE - Justice Assistance Grant $31,900
  • Florida Office of the Attorney General Victims of Crime Act (FLA-OAG-VOCA) $141,686
  • FDLE Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT - for male inmates at the PCSO South County Jail) $66,667
  • DOJ-OJJDP Internet Crimes Against Children $412,537

The Office of Strategic Planning has partnered with Heartland 2060 in examining the needs and desires of the community.

The Office of Strategic Planning has completed a scientific staffing model to assess the staffing level of the agency.

The Office of Strategic Planning has networked with various regional coalitions to evaluate the challenges and opportunities that impact the quality of life in Polk County.

The members of the Strategic Planning Unit worked with the Polk Efficiency Commission to develop cost-savings measures for the Polk County Sheriff's Office..

The members of the Strategic Planning Unit participated in Polk Vision meetings.

During 2013, the Grant Coordinator reviewed/completed 114 grant reports, 17 grant proposals, and/or applications and sent 361 grant correspondence items.

The Senior Research Analyst completed 182 research projects. 

[1] Source:  BEBR

[2] Source: BEBR and Census.