Date: March 21, 2002 "For Immediate Release"
To: News Media
From: Sheriff Lawrence W. Crow, Jr.
Media Contact:

Aaron Flint, (863) 534-6377 or 502-8262 pager

Local Motel Owners Arrested For Involvement In Prostitution

Polk County Sheriff's Office Bureau of Special Investigations detectives wrapped up a 2 month investigation that resulted  in the arrest of 2 local motel owners, a motel manager and another man late Wednesday  night (March 20, 2002).

After noticing a decline in the amount of prostitutes on Polk County's streets, Sheriff's Office detectives concluded that prostitutes were using rooms at the Regency Inn, located at 3525 Hwy. 17 N. in Winter Haven, to conduct their business.

Following the arrest of 2 prostitutes in January 2002, detectives learned that the owners of the Regency Inn, Gurnam Hayre, DOB 1/6/69, of 3525 Hwy. 17 N. in Winter Haven, and his wife Sarbjit Hayre, DOB 4/1/69, were allowing prostitutes to rent rooms by the hour so they could perform sexual acts on clients.

Based on this information, the Sheriff's Office used an undercover female detective (who posed as a prostitute) to find out if the motel owners were knowingly renting rooms to prostitutes.  During the 2 month investigation, the undercover detective approached the Regency Inn's owner and his wife on several occasions and specifically informed them that she was going perform sexual acts on a client (an undercover male detective) in the room she was paying for.  In fact, Gurnam Hayre informed the detective that business was good in the area and that she could make a lot of money by using his facility to perform sex acts on clients.  He then asked the detective for her phone number and how much she charged for sex. 

Hayre arranged to meet the Sheriff's Office undercover detective at the Relax Inn, located at 1433 Lakeland Hills Blvd. in Lakeland, late Wednesday afternoon.  He informed the detective that he wanted her to commit sex acts on him and a friend, Bimalkumar Trivedi, DOB 5/31/65, of 5617 Harrells Nursery Rd. in Lakeland. 

At approximately 6:30 p.m. yesterday evening, the undercover detective arrived at the Relax Inn and informed the manager, Sujoy Daskundu , DOB 8/20/65, of 1433 Lakeland Hills Blvd. in Lakeland, that she was there to meet Hayre and a friend.  Daskundu was aware of the arranged meeting and said she didn't need to pay for the room. 

After arresting Gurnam Hayre, Trivedi, and Daskundu, detectives located Sarbjit Hayre at the Regency  Inn and took her into custody.  The charges are as follows:

Gurnam Hayre: Deriving Support From Proceeds of Prostitution (F-3), Renting Space to be used for Prostitution, Solicitation of Another for Prostitution, and Solicitation of Another for Prostitution/ Direct to Place

Sarbjit Hayre: Deriving Support From Proceeds of Prostitution (F-3) and Renting Space to be used for Prostitution

Bimalkumar Trivedi: Entering Building for Purpose of Prostitution

Sujoy Daskundu: 2 counts of Receive Into Building for Prostitution


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