Date: June 30, 2003 "For Immediate Release"
To: News Media
From: Sheriff Lawrence W. Crow, Jr.
Media Contact:

Michal Shanley, 863 534-6631 or 819-0397 pager

New Simulator Offers Real Life Training Scenarios Using Digital Video Technology

A new upgraded training simulator will offer PCSO deputies and law enforcement officers from throughout the county the opportunity to test their use-of-force skills using advanced digital video technology. The new virtual training program reaches beyond the traditional "shoot-don't shoot" range trainers, offering training in the whole spectrum of force control.

Currently, PCSO Training Section Sgt. Craig Burke is teaching instructors from other local police departments how to use the Range3000 Force-Control Training Simulator so they can offer the training to their own agencies.  Once the instructor training phase is complete, the program will be made available to deputies for practice, and incorporated into the PCSO agency use-of-force annual retraining.

“The program uses realistic interaction scenarios designed so that deputies can practice using verbal intervention skills to de-escalate the situation without having to use their gun,” Sgt. Burke said. Each scenario offers a non-lethal resolution if the deputy responds and interacts accordingly. From threat assessment and verbalization, through less-than-lethal measures such as baton and chemical agents, all the way to lethal weapons training - the program covers it all. If a deputy does end up using his or her weapon, the computer program offers specific feedback such as marksmanship, grip and site performance.

”This will tell you immediately what you are doing wrong,” Burke said. Deputies will practice with the weapon they carry with them every day on the street - a laser is inserted into the barrel of the gun and a “hit or miss” is determined with the pulse of the laser.  The training starts with classroom theory and progresses to interaction with real-life virtual scenarios. This type of training offers an invaluable opportunity for deputies to practice and role-play in a safe and controlled environment.

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