Date: June 24, 2004 "For Immediate Release"
To: News Media
From: Sheriff Lawrence W. Crow, Jr.
Media Contact:

Michal Shanley, (863) 534-6631 OR (863) 819-0397 Pager

National Tactical Officers Association Offers Instructor Course at PCSO Training Center

The National Tactical Officers Association is holding an instructor course this week at the Polk County Sheriff's Office Training Center, located near Bartow. The course focuses on "training the trainer," and features topics on chemical agents, less lethal impact projectiles and diversion devices.  A total of 18 law enforcement officers from throughout the nation (6 from the PCSO) are participating in the week-long training session. In addition to class instruction, the course provides participants with practical hands-on
training scenarios.  

The Less Lethal Impact Projectiles Instructor Course familiarizes participants with less lethal weapons, impact munitions and deployment tactics. Topics include instructor development techniques, less lethal force philosophy, case law, policy issues, technology overview, deployment tactics, product demonstrations, and less lethal practical scenarios.

The Diversion Device Instructor Course provides a history of diversion devices, definitions, and nomenclature, legal aspects of diversion devices, policy issues, preparation and deployment of diversion devices, and practical application.

The Chemical Agent Instructor
Course covers chemical munitions, and includes topics such as history, products and characteristics, delivery systems, hazards, decontamination, gas masks, and general tactics as they relate to the use of chemical agents.
The 5-day course provides participants with the information necessary to serve as an instructor in their own respective law enforcement agency, teaching others about proper use of less lethal munitions, noise flash diversion devices, and chemical agents.

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