Date: February 09, 2005 "For Immediate Release"
To: News Media
From: Sheriff Grady Judd
Media Contact:

Michal Shanley, (863) 534-6631 OR (863) 981-2375 Pager

PCSO Seeking School Crossing Guards

The Polk County Sheriff's Office School Crossing Unit is in immediate need of school crossing guards to work in areas throughout the county.

Currently the School Crossing Section includes over 200 permanent  part-time and substitute crossing guards. The program was developed in the early 1970s, and there are more than 160 crossings throughout Polk County. During training, school crossing guards receive state-structured classroom instruction, with additional on-the-job training. School crossing guards also receive an additional annual re-certification course prior to each new school year.

School crossing guards encourage students to cross at proper intersections. Guards also provide information regarding pedestrian and bicycle safety. School crossing guards are frequently, but not limited to, retired residents who feel a sense of community commitment. Deputies often rely on school crossing guards to advise them of traffic problems in the communities surrounding school crossings. Crossing guards also have been able to provide important information regarding criminal events occurring in their assigned areas. School crossing guards cross approximately 15,000 children every school year.

For more information, contact Vera Freeze, school crossing supervisor, at 297-1100.

Distribution: Chief of Staff, Division Commanders, Communications, News Media

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