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PCSO News Release

Media Contact:
Wood, Donna

Public Information Officer 
News Date: 2/27/2012 

 Polk County Sheriff’s Office Detectives Arrest 19 in Undercover Prostitution Sting Targeting Online Ads 

“The negative social costs of prostitution hurt families, children and communities,” said Sheriff Grady Judd.  “Whether it is on the street, or online, it is illegal and we will continue to arrest those who commit or derive proceeds from prostitution.  We will continue to target online escort services that promote prostitution, and as long as these sites provide the means for prostitution to occur, we will provide the trip to jail.” 

Polk County Sheriff’s Office detectives, acting in an undercover capacity, conducted a two-day investigation focusing on online ads soliciting for prostitution beginning on Thursday February 23, 2012, through Friday, February 24, 2012.

Both female and male detectives posted and answered ads for sex on Backpage.com. During this operation 19 suspects were arrested for crimes ranging from Soliciting Prostitution to Narcotics violations. Six suspects were confirmed or admitted to being married. 

Below are a few summaries from the arrests; a complete list of suspects and their charges follows the summaries.

32-year-old Eugene Agbebaku of Wesley Chapel solicited a female detective for sex in exchange for money. Agbebaku is married and a father who lives in Hillsborough County but works in Polk County. He is a UPS driver. Agbebaku requested not to use a condom.  Later told detectives he wanted to contract a disease.  He admitted to being a sex addict who solicits prostitutes three to four times a week for unprotected sex.

39-year-old Desiree Sunshine Dorrance of Winter Haven, was contacted by a male detective and agreed to provide sexual acts and spanking for money. She is married and resides in Polk County. She has a history of posting on backpage.com and Craigslist.  She admitted to being extremely active online.  She is married and has children.

26-year-old Keyonte Rashad Kilgore of Lakeland solicited a female detective for sex in exchange for money. He told her he did not have money but would give her Tylenol with Codeine in exchange for sex. He hired a taxi and asked the detective to pay his fair. When he arrived he was arrested. He did not have the Tylenol or any money. It is unknown what his intentions were related to paying for sex.

46-year-old Aniyuo Christopher Keeler of Lakeland solicited a female detective online for sex in exchange for money. He would not disclose if he was married. He told detectives that he was a history professor at a local college. Keeler is not a professor.  He later told them he worked for Compass Group of North America.   

32-year-old Marvin Stewart Caraballo-Munoz of Tampa was contacted by a male detective online and agreed to provide sexual acts in exchange for money. He is a transsexual. It was determined he is from Panama and has overstayed his Visa here in the USA. An ICE detainer was placed on Munoz. He faces deportation.

32-year-old Javier Lara is Munoz’s boyfriend/pimp of Hialeah Gardens, arrived at the arrest location two hours after Munoz’s arrival. He said he was looking for “Mike.” It was revealed he was there to check on Munoz. He had text messages about the prostitution as well as pictures of him and Munoz prior to meeting the detective. A search of his car also resulted in cocaine being found. Both Munoz and Lara admitted to Lara receiving money for the prostitution.

Suspect detail: 

Eugene Agbebaku, DOB 05/01/1979, 31327 Makinaw Ln., Wesley Chapel; Married with children/UPS Supervisor.  Charged with Solicit Prostitution.

Tracy Lamont Brassfield, DOB 07/17/1962, 629 Kensington Lake Circle, Brandon.  Charged with Solicit Prostitution.

Brittany Reese, DOB 04/15/1985, 5107 Drift Tide Dr., New Port Richey.  Charged with Solicit Prostitution.

Britany Vance, DOB 01/31/1992, 3113 Colonial Way, Unit G, Atlanta, GA.  Charged with Solicit Prostitution.

RECORD EXPUNGED:  Charged with Solicit Prostitution

Michael Cerny, DOB 01/07/1991, 1040 S. Suwannee Ave., Lakeland.  Charged with Possession of Marijuana Under 20 Grams/Drug Paraphernalia

Emmanuel Alejo, DOB 06/06/1993, 1049 Plateau Ave., Lakeland. Charged with Possession of Alcohol by Person Under 21. 

Desiree Sunshine Dorrance, DOB 09/11/1982, 815 6th St. Northwest, Winter Haven, Room 7 (Rose Motel).  Charged with Solicit Prostitution.

Keyonte Rashad Kilgore, DOB 01/16/1986, 726 Candice Ave., Lakeland.  Charged with Solicit Prostitution.

Dwayne Amos Pinkney Jr., DOB 12/19/1981, 517 Winter Terrace, Winter Haven.  Charged with Solicit Prostitution.

Jason F. O’Farrell, DOB 08/22/1981, 4038 Golf Village Loop #2, Lakeland.  Charged with Solicit Prostitution.  O’Farrell is married with children.  He stated he was aware of Polk County’s reputation regarding enforcement of prostitution laws in the county.  Employed by Cardinal Health.

Aniyuo Christopher Keeler, DOB 05/25/1965, 4515 Orangewood Loop East, Lakeland.  Charged with Solicit Prostitution.

Marvin Stewart Caraballo-Munoz, DOB 11/25/1979, Renaissance Hotel Tampa Westshore.  Charged with Solicit Prostitution.

Javier Lara, DOB 11/21/1979, 8350 NW 103rd St., Hialeah Gardens.  Charged with Deriving Proceeds from Prostitution – Possession of Cocaine.

Michael Tolley, DOB 01/03/1964, 3245 Big Valley Dr., Lakeland.  Charged with Solicit Another to Commit Lewdness.  Tolley is married.

Terrance Jones, DOB 01/11/1987, 307 Thornhill Estates Ct., Winter Haven.  Charged with Solicit Prostitution.

William Curtis Bigham, DOB 05/31/1988, 1350 Lake Bonny Dr., Apt. 20, Lakeland.  Charged with Solicit Prostitution.  On Probation for Possession of Marijuana.

David Joseph Couell, DOB 09/30/1975, 1475 Woodlake Dr., #2, Lakeland.  Charged with Solicit Prostitution.