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PCSO News Release

Media Contact:
Wood, Donna

Public Information Officer 
News Date: 4/15/2011 

 PCSO Detectives Arrest Two Juveniles in School Burglaries 

Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Southeast District, General Crimes Unit detectives arrested two juveniles responsible for a series of burglaries which took place at the Bok Academy (Lake Wales Charter School) and Warner University.   

During the early morning hours of April 9, 2011, unknown suspects entered several buildings belonging to Warner University and Bok Academy.  The suspects smashed numerous items, broke windows, and attempted to pry open a safe and vending machine causing approximately $10,000.00 in damage to both educational institutions.  Bok academy had several laptop computers and notepads stolen during the crime spree.   

Through the investigation, detectives identified two suspects, 15-year-old Troy Lane Bullard of Lake Wales, who was arrested at approximately 12:15 am, Friday, April 15, 2011, and 17-year-old Raymond Joseph Winchell of Frostproof, who was arrested at approximately 5:00 pm on Thursday, April 14, 2011.   

Both juveniles have extensive criminal arrest histories.   

Criminal Arrest History for Bullard, DOB 08/08/1996, 259 Luke Street, Frostproof:

04/22/2006 – Burglary and Criminal Mischief

04/22/2006 – Burglary, Criminal Mischief, and Theft

04/30/ 2006 – Burglary and Theft

04/30/2006 – Burglary (armed) and Theft

06/03/2006 – Trespass

06/13/2006 – Burglary and Theft

01/26/2011 – Battery

01/26/2011 – Affray

01/27/2011 – Criminal Mischief

01/27/2011 – Theft

01/27/2011 – Theft

01/27/2011 - Criminal Mischief

01/27/2011 – Criminal Mischief

03/24/2011 – Burglary and Theft

04/15/2011 – Burglary (7 counts), Theft, and VOP


Criminal Arrest History for Winchell, DOB 10/12/1993, 346 Canal Court, Lake Wales


03/27/2007 – Burglary and Theft

05/01/2007- Burglary and Theft

05/01/2007 – Burglary and Theft

02/29/2008 – Theft

01/23/2011- Theft

01/27/2011- Theft

01/27/2011 – Theft

01/27/2011- Theft

01/27/2011 – Criminal Mischief

01/27/2011 – Criminal Mischief

04/14/2011 – Burglary (7 counts) and Theft 

At the time of his arrest, Winchell was being monitored with an electronic GPS ankle monitor.  

Winchell and Bullard were each charged with three counts of Burglary to a Structure, four counts of Burglary to a Structure with Damage, Grand Theft, Petit Theft and Violation of Probation.   

“This is truly hard to believe,” said Sheriff Grady Judd.  “These juveniles are already career criminals and they are just 15 and 17 years old.  I hope this time our juvenile justice system, once and for all, makes these remorseless juvenile delinquents accountable for their crimes.  They need to learn the consequences of criminal behavior:  swift, just, and certain punishment.  Not another ankle bracelet.  Not another ‘get out of detention and promise to be a good boy’ lecture.  These juvenile hooligans have demonstrated their disrespect for other people’s possessions and disrespect for society.  They need to pay for the damage they have done and they need to be punished with secure detention so we can physically prevent them from stealing other people’s hard-earned property.”