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PCSO News Release

Media Contact:
Wood, Donna

Public Information Officer 
News Date: 5/29/2012 

 School Crossing Guards to be Removed from Three Lakeland Locations  

The school crossing located at Kathleen Road and Kathleen Pines is no longer being utilized by elementary students walking to Kathleen Elementary school; therefore eliminating the need for the crossing guard at that location.

The school crossing guard located at Lime Street and Montgomery Avenue (Philip O’Brien Elementary) and the guard located at E. F. Griffin Road and Finger Lane (Spessard Holland Elementary) will be removed due to adequate gaps in traffic and low traffic volume; therefore eliminating the need for the crossing guard at those locations.  This decision was made by the School Crossing Guard Committee following a traffic survey of the locations and a confirmation that students can safely cross without assistance.   

The School Crossing Guard Committee is comprised of representatives from the Polk County School Board, the Florida Department of Transportation, the Board of County Commissioners Traffic Engineering Division, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, and a number of the municipalities within Polk County.

As a matter of procedure, Sheriff’s School Crossing Guard supervisors communicate with the principal of the affected school to inform them of the action taken.  In addition, the principal is reminded to notify the supervisors if the situation changes and children require assistance.  In that case, the crossing would again be staffed by a crossing guard, or some alternative method for ensuring the safe arrival of children at the school will be determined.

The school crossing guards at these locations will be removed at the end of this school year, June 7, 2012. 

Deputies patrol school zones daily as a reminder to motorists that caution is critical.  Please remember that fines are doubled in school zones and that all law enforcement members take the safety of children very seriously.  As a responsible motorist, so should you.

Please Help Us Keep School Zones Safe.