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PCSO News Release

Media Contact:
Eleazer, Carrie

Public Information Officer 
News Date: 8/19/2011 

 PCSO Undercover Detectives Arrest Seven During Sale Of Cocaine Investigation 

After a four-month long investigation, on August 18, 2011, PCSO undercover Narcotics, Tactical Drug, and Intelligence Unit detectives, along with members from the HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) task force, served two search warrants and arrested two suspects when they attempted to sell detectives 10 ounces of cocaine for $11,000, and arrested five additional suspects throughout the course of the day.

During the investigation, detectives purchased approximately 12 1/2 ounces of cocaine from William Edward Richardson, DOB 12/14/1981, and Jesse Allen McGriff, DOB 11/2/1982.  Detectives also conducted undercover hand-to-hand purchases of cocaine from brothers Demetrius Lashun Broome, DOB 3/29/1982, and Terrance Jamond Broome, DOB 2/22/1981. Detectives believe that Richardson and McGriff were supplying the Broome brothers with their supply of cocaine. 

Based on their investigation, detectives obtained search warrants for these four suspects’ residences. Richardson and McGriff reside together at 401 Winston Avenue N-4 in Lake Wales.  Demetrius and Terrance Broome reside at 109 West Crystal Avenue in Lake Wales. 

On August 18th, detectives made contact with McGriff and asked him to bring 10 ounces of cocaine in exchange for $11,000 to a hotel located in Lake Wales.  McGriff and Richardson responded to the hotel to make the transaction. McGriff responded to the undercover detectives’ hotel room with 10 ounces of cocaine in his possession – Richardson remained in the parked car in the hotel parking lot. Detectives placed both McGriff and Richardson under arrest without incident.

The two search warrants were then executed at the aforementioned residences. During a search of the Richardson-McGriff apartment (401 Winston Avenue N-4), detectives located approximately 7 grams of crack cocaine and 4 grams of cocaine, along with Hydrocodone pills and several pots in a backpack that contained cocaine residue, believed to have been used to cook crack cocaine. 

When detectives were executing the search warrant at the apartment, Timothy Mathews, DOB 10/26/1979, exited the apartment next door, number N-3.  Mathews was advised several times to step away from the doorway area of N-4.  Mathews refused, immediately becoming belligerent and cussing at the detectives.  When detectives attempted to place Mathews under arrest, he ran into the front door of his residence and slammed it into a detective. Mathews was taken into custody without further incident.  

During a search of the Broome residence (109 West Crystal Avenue), detectives located a 12-gauge shotgun, Mosburg Model 500 shotgun, 2 rifles, a Taurus 9mm handgun, and a black revolver.  The Mosburg was reported stolen from Orange County in August 2008.  A small amount of cannabis and military style body armor was also located inside of the residence.  Demetrius Broome and Charles Matthews, DOB 11/20/1953, were at the residence when it was secured by detectives.  Both are convicted felons and were arrested for possession of firearm by convicted felon. 

Terrance Broome has not been located at this time. He has a PCSO warrant for his arrest for Sale of Cocaine, Possession of Cocaine WITS, Maintain Dwelling for Drug Sales, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

All of these suspects have extensive criminal histories. Demetrius Broome was indicted for Murder in 2007 and was acquitted. Both of the Broome brothers have been convicted of armed robbery.  Richardson has several weapon and narcotic arrests. T. Mathews has been arrested for sexual assault, weapons offenses and kidnapping.  

Arrested and Charged:

William Richardson, DOB 12/14/1981, 1 count Possession Hydrocodone; 1 count Possession of Ammunition by Convicted Felon; 1 count Possession Drug Paraphernalia; 5 counts Use of Vehicle to Traffick Cocaine; 5 counts Conspiracy to Traffick Cocaine (over 200 grams)

Jesse McGriff, DOB 11/2/1982, 4 counts Trafficking Cocaine (over 28 grams); 1 count Trafficking Cocaine (over 200 grams); 4 counts Possession Cocaine WITS; 5 counts Possession Drug Paraphernalia; 1 count Use of Dwelling to Traffick Cocaine; 1 count Use of Vehicle to Traffick Cocaine; 1 count Possession Hydrocodone

Timothy Mathews, DOB 10/26/1979, 1 count Battery on LEO; 1 count Resisting Arrest With Violence

Demetrius Boome, DOB 3/29/1982, 2 counts Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon; 1 count Possession Cannabis; 4 counts Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; 1 count Maintaining Dwelling for Drug Use; 3 counts Sale of Cocaine; 3 counts Possession of Cocaine WITS; 1 count Maintaining Dwelling for Keeping Controlled Substance

Charles Matthews, DOB 11/20/53, 2 counts Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon; 1 count Possession of Cannabis; 1 count Possession of Paraphernalia 

AT LARGE: Terrance Broome, DOB 2/22/81, LKA 109 West Crystal Avenue, Lake Wales. Warrant for Sale of Cocaine, Possession of Cocaine WITS, Maintain Dwelling for Drug Sales, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. 

Two other suspects were arrested on August 18th, who were not involved in this investigation. While detectives were serving search warrants and conducting their investigation, they received information on these two unrelated suspects’ whereabouts and took them into custody without incident. They are: Bobby Gene Krogman, Jr., DOB 6/3/1973, of 1011 Pirates Way in Lakeland. Krogman had a warrant for his arrest for DWLSR. He has been in the Polk County Jail on 17 prior occasions, for mostly theft or drug-related charges; and Christopher Summerlin, DOB 5/5/1967, of 518 Indian Lakes Drive in Moultrie, GA. Summerlin was charged with 1 count Possession Methamphetamine; 1 count Possession Drug Paraphernalia; 1 count Trafficking Methamphetamine (over 28 grams); 1 count Manufacture Methamphetamine; and 1 count Possession of Listed Chemicals. He has been in the Polk County Jail on 3 prior occasions, for DWLSR, Violation of Probation, and Petit Theft.