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PCSO News Release

Media Contact:
Wood, Donna

Public Information Officer 
News Date: 10/3/2014 

 13 Arrested During Undercover Prostitution Investigation 

On Thursday, October 2, 2014, Polk County Sheriff’s Office detectives, working in an undercover capacity arrested 10 suspects charging them with Soliciting for Prostitution.  One subject was charged with Battery after touching the female undercover detective’s breast, one subject was charged with Open Container, and one subject, who was to report to prison today, Friday, October 03, 2014, was charged with DWLSR.  

After receiving information about possible Solicitation activity in the Inwood and Lake Ida areas of Polk County, undercover detectives conducting an undercover operation focusing on male subjects soliciting females for sexual activity. Nine of the subjects arrested during the operation were married.  

“One suspect was able to have a free ride down to the jail to report to prison.  Crack cocaine was found in the car with an infant in the back seat, and one suspect celebrated his birthday by getting arrested,” said Sheriff Grady Judd.  “We just can’t make this stuff up.” 

One suspect arrested was to report to prison on Friday, October 03, 2014, for Human Trafficking Charges he was arrested for in 2013. 

21 year- old Kevin Hobby, DOB 08/13/1993, 88 Tiger Road, Winter Haven was charged with DWLSR, and Possession of Cocaine.  Hobby was driving 22-year-old Furious Shell, DOB 05/28/1992, 44 20th Street, Haines City, when Furious solicited an undercover female detective for sex in exchange for $30.   

Upon their arrest, Hobby was wearing a GPS monitoring device.  Hobby had been arrested in July 2013, charged with Human Trafficking.  Judge Catherine Combee sentenced Hobby to prison just two weeks ago; Hobby was released with the monitoring device and allowed to “get his affairs in order,” before reporting to prison on today’s date, Friday, October 03, 2014.

Hobby has a total of 16 previous felony arrests; 14 misdemeanor arrests, 1 failure to appear and one previous prison incarceration. 

An infant was in backseat of the vehicle with Hobby and Shell at the time.  During a search of the vehicle, a pill bottle containing crack cocaine was located.   

Hobby was charged with Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and DWLSR. 

Shell was charged with Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Paraphernalia, Solicit for Prostitution, and additional Failure to Appear Warrants from previous arrests. 

Also arrested was 31-year-old Alexis Robles, DOB 05/14/1983, 4234 Sturgeon Drive, Sebring.  Robles solicited an undercover female detective for protected sexual intercourse in exchange for $20.  At the time, Robles was on duty and driving a company vehicle.   Robles was charged with Solicit Prostitution.  Robles is married. 

48-year-old Jeffrey Houchin, DOB 04/14/1966, 269=91 State Park Road, Lakeland, solicited a female undercover detective for oral sex in exchange for $20.  Houchin is a Registered Sex Offender.   Houchin was charged with Solicit for Prostitution.  Houchin is married.  

Others arrested and their charges are: 

John Trautner, DOB 09/22/1952, 6422 Jacaranda Avenue, Winter Haven – Charged with Solicit for Prostitution.  Trautner is married. 

Armando Retureta, DOB 08/20/1974, 5424 Friarsway Drive, Tampa – Charged with Solicit for Prostitution.  Retureta is married. 

Reginald Allums, DOB 08/05/1970, 1203 29th Street NW, Winter Haven – Charged with Battery; as Allums was talking to the undercover female detective he touched her abdomen and breast.  Allums is married.   

George Swain, DOB 10/05/1967, 610 Grapefruit Avenue E, Lake Alfred – Charged with Open Container as he was walking along the roadway. 

Tylus Johnson, DOB 01/09/1963, 195 Davis Avenue West, Lake Alfred – Charged with Solicit for Prostitution.  Johnson is married. 

Miguel Rosado, DOB 01/23/1964, 1344 Sierra Circle, Kissimmee – Charged with Solicit for Prostitution.  Rosado is married. 

William Silva, DOB 06/02/1978, 5206 Oakdale Road, Haines City – Charged with Solicit for Prostitution and Possession of Methamphetamine. 

Macdiel Hernandez-Cruz, DOB 04/09/1988, (unknown location) Geraldine Avenue, Haines City – Hernandez-Cruz was charged with Commit Lewdness in Public.  Hernandez-Cruz is married. 

Douglas Long, DOB 10/02/1966, 115 Park Drive, Winter Haven – Charged with Solicit for Prostitution.  Long is married.