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PCSO News Release

Media Contact:
Eleazer, Carrie

Public Information Officer 
News Date: 12/21/2015 

 Warrants Initiative Results in 50 Arrests 

On Thursday and Friday, December 17th and 18th, 2015, PCSO deputies, working with the U.S. Marshals Service, conducted an initiative focusing on active Polk County arrest warrants, which resulted in 50 arrests.

"We made our list and checked it twice - and we focused on those who are naughty and not nice. Polk County is a safer place when those who commit crimes are locked up - and we want everyone to have a safe holiday season. If these wanted felons had cooperated with law enforcement earlier in the year, they wouldn't have to spend their holidays behind bars." - Sheriff Grady Judd

On the first day of the initiative, 24 suspects were arrested. On the second day, 26 suspects were arrested. The charges ranged from Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon, Grand Theft, Burglary, Scheming to Defraud, and Drug Possession, to Violation of Probation (VOP) and Failure to Appear (FTA).

Those arrested were:

1. Joshua Wood, DOB 09/05/1994, of Land O Lakes; charges: DWLSR

2. Randy Oglesby, DOB 09/20/1979, of Lakeland; charges: Possession of Meth, Resisting Arrest

3. Bobby Ramirez, DOB 12/08/1986, of Lakeland; charges: Grand Theft, DWLSR, Resisting Arrest, VOP (Drug Possession)

4. Michael Lozada, DOB 12/09/1991, of Lakeland; charges: Possession of Marijuana & Paraphernalia 

5. Ramon Guzman, DOB 09/10/1975, of Lakeland; charges: Petit Theft

6. Faith Spencer, DOB 11/13/1993, of Lakeland; charges: Grand Theft, Scheme to Defraud

7. Chris Lento, DOB 02/12/1972, of Lakeland; charges: VOP (DUI, DWLSR)

8. Sebastian Carmichael, DOB 07/25/1995, of Polk City; charges: FTA

9. Carl Click, DOB 03/07/1962, of Lakeland; charges: FTA

10. Darren Harvey, DOB 12/02/1982, of Lakeland; charges: VOP (Manufacturing Meth)

11. Christopher Hanish, DOB 05/31/1991, of Auburndale; charges: FTA (Burglary, Grand Theft Auto)

12. Robert Banks, DOB 03/08/1984, of Lakeland; charges: FTA (DWLSR)

13. Tracey Crowe, DOB 07/29/1968, of Lakeland; charges: FTA (Battery)

14. Wilbert Alvarez, DOB 11/22/1991, at large; charges: VOP (Battery DV, Marijuana Possession)

15. Jon Hauss, DOB 02/24/1963, of Lakeland; charges: FTA (Scheming to Defraud)

16. Marshal Melvin, DOB 09/20/1975, of Winter Haven; charges: VOP (Marijuana Possession)

17. Kevin Miller, DOB 05/12/1996, of Kissimmee; charges: Grand Theft

18. Robert Hinks, DOB 03/24/1969, of Lakeland; charges: Possession of Meth

19. James Warren, DOB 08/17/1988, of Lake Wales; charges: No tag

20. Christine Elliot, DOB 11/04/1969, of Lake Wales; charges: Possession of Meth & Paraphernalia, Maintain Vehicle for Drug Use

21. Sedrick Ossie Jr., DOB 01/28/1991, of Lake Wales; charges: No Valid DL, No Vehicle Registration

22. Peter Riotis, DOB 12/18/1961, of Lake Wales; charges: No Vehicle Registration

23. Stacy Insley, DOB 03/18/1970, of Lake Wales; charges: Possession of Meth & Paraphernalia

24. Kaylob Davis, DOB 07/09/1997, of Winter Haven; charges: VOP (Petit Theft)

25. Alexander Quintasket, DOB 06/03/1989, of Lakeland; charges: two counts VOP (Robbery)

26. Jermaine Thompson, DOB 08/27/1993, of Lakeland; charges: two counts VOP (Marijuana & Paraphernalia Possession)

27. Bradley Preston, DOB 04/02/1966, of Lakeland; charges: VOP (Possession of Meth)

28. Terrance Marcus, DOB 03/07/1993, of Winter Haven; charges: Aggravated Assault

29. Jeremy Davis, DOB 05/02/1980, of Winter Haven; charges: Scheming to Defraud, Grand Theft, Passing Counterfeit and Forged Bank Notes

30. Linda Burgess, DOB 10/20/1975, of Bartow; charges: FTA (Fraud)

31. Barbara Bower, DOB 08/14/1958, of Lakeland; charges: VOP (Obtaining Property)

32. Cierra McRoy, DOB 06/02/1993, of Auburndale; charges: U.S. Secret Service Federal Warrant - Passing Counterfeit Currency

33. Jonathan Harris, DOB 10/13/1997, of Winter Haven; charges: Dealing in Stolen Property, Petit Theft

34. Virginia Dry AKA Virginia Day, DOB 12/30/1969, of Lakeland; charges: FTA (Work Release Program)

35. Carole Frymire, DOB 02/17/1997, of Mulberry; charges: VOP (Battery on School Employee)

36. Robin Mitchell, DOB 01/07/1965, of Bartow; charges: Pretrial Order Revoked

37. Michael Taylor, DOB 06/01/2001, of Winter Haven; charges: Petit Theft, VOP

38. Eric Robinson, DOB 03/19/1992, of Plant City; charges: DWLSR

39. Ryan Wittrock, DOB 02/24/1988, of Lakeland; charges: VOP (Purchase Marijuana)

40. James Stamey, DOB 11/07/1965, of Lake Wales; charges: VOP

41. Joseph Rawashdi, DOB 02/08/1998, of Lakeland; charges: VOP

42. Peter DeSalvo, DOB 03/12/1984, of Lakeland; charges: Grand Theft of Motor Vehicle

43. Marissa Miller, DOB 11/27/1990, of Auburndale; charges: Marchman Act

44. Michael Arnold, DOB 02/07/1971, of Lakeland; charges: VOP (Dealing in Stolen Property, Rental Fraud)

45. Jason Dover, DOB 03/06/1980, of Lakeland; charges: Federal Warrant - Sale and Delivery of Meth

46. Leah Blystone, DOB 10/02/1985, of Lakeland; charges: Federal Warrant - Sale and Delivery of Meth

47. Michael Tilley, DOB 12/15/1986, of Lakeland; charges: FTA (Resisting Arrest)

48. Anthony Schwebel, DOB 06/24/1986, of Haines City; charges: Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon, Possession of Meth & Paraphernalia, DWLSR, VOP (Grand Theft of Motor Vehicle)

49. Jeremy Patterson, DOB 12/06/1999, of Auburndale; charges: 5 counts Burglary, 5 counts Felony Petit Theft

50. Gary Cauley, DOB 01/03/1979, of Lakeland; charges: Grand Theft, Dealing in Stolen Property, Giving False Verification to Pawn Dealer