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PCSO News Release

Media Contact:
Eleazer, Carrie

News Date: 1/5/2011 

 Operation Pop Top - Christmas Break Results 

Throughout the course of the Polk County Public School Christmas break, PCSO School Resource deputies and PCSO Explorers (Explorers are high school student volunteers) conducted several "Operation Pop Top" initiatives in an effort to combat the illegal sale of alcohol and tobacco to minors. 

The operations were conducted countywide, and, collectively, resulted in 7 people being arrested and charged with selling alcohol to minors, but also found that 45 stores checked were in compliance. 

The operations were conducted on December 20th, December 23rd, December 27th, December 28th, and January 3rd. 

The following 45 stores were checked and were in compliance:  

JK Food, 3344 Winter Lake Road, Lakeland;

Rightway Food Store, 4205 Clubhouse Road, Highland City;

7-Eleven, 6175 US Highway 98 South, Highland City;

Walgreens, 6210 Highway 540A, Lakeland;

Christina Beverage, 1061 Highway 540A, Lakeland;

Dollar General, 6735 State Road 37, Lakeland;

Walgreens, 6985 State Road 37 South, Lakeland;

First Stop, 1125 Shepherd Road, Lakeland;

Beverage Castle, 1825 Shepherd Road, Lakeland;

Citgo, 1790 Shepherd Road, Lakeland;

7-Eleven, 7040 State Road 37 South, Mulberry;

Wal-Mart, 162 Carter Road West, Mulberry;

Sunoco, 1285 Church Avenue North, Mulberry;

Rocs Liquors, 806 Virginia Avenue North, Mulberry;

Circle K, 4980 Spirit Lake Road, Winter Haven;

JK Food Store, 3355 Spirit Lake Road, Winter Haven;

Rightway Food Store, 4205 Clubhouse Rd, Lakeland;

7-11, 6175 Hwy 98 South, Lakeland;

Race Trac, 1690 Hwy 98 South, Lakeland;

Sunoco, 1385 Hwy 98 South, Lakeland;

Dollar General, 350 Hwy 60 East, Bartow;

BP, 1140 Hwy 60 East, Bartow;

Walmart Supercenter, 1050 Hwy 60 East, Bartow;

Sunoco, 1285 Hwy 37B, Mulberry;

Keemans, 6403 Kathleen Road, Lakeland;

Circle K, 4415 Kathleen Road, Lakeland;

Dollar General, 4250 Old Kathleen Road, Lakeland;

Circle K, 3100 Galloway Road, Lakeland;

Lakeland Discount Beverage, 3135 Knight Station Road, Lakeland;

EZ Food Mart, 4009 Knight Station Road, Lakeland;

Circle K, 3808 Deeson Road, Lakeland;

BP Station, 6316 Kathleen Road, Lakeland;

One Stop Shop, 3029 Duff Road, Lakeland;

Circle K, 7250 US Highway 98 North, Lakeland;

7-Eleven, 2993 Duff Road, Lakeland;

Amul, 7387 US Highway 98 North, Lakeland;

XYZ Liquors, 3051 Hwy 98 South, Lakeland;

Circle K, 1705 Hwy 98 South, Lakeland;

Liquor & Tobacco Store, Grove Park Shopping Plaza, 1517 Hwy 98 South, Lakeland;

Chevron Food Mart, 1315 Hwy 98 S, Lakeland;

Great USA Food Mart, 337 Hwy 98 South, Lakeland;

Lakeland Food Mart, 815 Massachusetts Ave, Lakeland;

AVI Food & Fuel, 1205 Lakeland Hills Blvd, Lakeland;

BP Fuel Station, 1219 Lakeland Hills Blvd, Lakeland;

Faststop Food Store, 820 E Memorial Blvd, Lakeland.

The following seven (7) people were arrested and charged with Sale of Alcoholic Beverage to a Minor: 

William Mumbauer, DOB 3/29/65, of 5322 Harbor Drive East in Lakeland; worked at Pix gas station, 2175 CR 540A East, Lakeland;

Bobby Vinton, DOB 10/12/56, of 115 Cavalier Road in Winter Haven; worked at Sunrise gas station, 3035 Thornhill Road in Winter Haven;

Rita Shah, DOB 12/16/60, of 1117 Hunt Avenue in Lakeland; worked at Jay Food Store, Inc., 2540 East Main Street in Lakeland;

Chandresh Patel, DOB 1/5/52, of 3006 CR 540 West in Winter Haven; worked at MVP Food Store, 3006 CR 540 West in Winter Haven;

Margaret Foster, DOB 11/28/69, of 3833 US Hwy 17 North in Bartow; worked at Circle K, 1020 North Broadway, Bartow;

Praful Patel, DOB 2/5/50, of 6923 Eagle Ridge Blvd in Lakeland; worked at Roc Liquors, 806 Hwy 37B, Mulberry;

Lus Ortiz, DOB 4/17/71, of 512 Carroll Avenue in Lakeland; worked at Dollar General, 935 East Memorial Blvd., Lakeland.

"I commend those who did not sell alcoholic beverages to our children. For those we arrested - we saved you from potentially contributing to a vehicle fatality involving a child. Please don't ever provide intoxicating beverages to underage people. We will be watching and checking." - Sheriff Grady Judd