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PCSO News Release

Media Contact:
Wood, Donna

Public Information Officer 
News Date: 3/12/2012 

 Polk County Sheriff’s Office Detective Arrest 47 in Online Prostitution Investigation 

“In less than two weeks, on two separate weekends, Polk County Sheriff’s Office detectives have arrested a total of 66 people charging them with Solicitation of Prostitution and other crimes,” said Sheriff Grady Judd.  “Our detectives will continue to conduct investigations which target e-commerce ads for prostitution.  Prostitution is illegal and those who commit or who derive proceeds from this crime in Polk County can expect to go to jail.”    

During the weekend of Friday, March 9, 2012, through Sunday, March 11, 2012, PCSO detectives acting in an undercover capacity conducted an online vice operation targeting online adult ads.  During the three-day operation, 47 suspects either responded to the ads, or met with detectives, with the intent to perform sexual acts in exchange for money. The suspects arrested were charged with crimes ranging from Soliciting Prostitution to Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer.  

The majority of the suspects arrested were either permanent residents working in, or visiting Polk County at the time of their arrest. Three were arrested for possession of narcotics, one was in possession of a concealed, stolen Sig Saur 357, and one was also arrested for violation of probation (Burglary).  

During a previous two-day operation beginning Thursday, February 23, 2012, through Friday, February 24, 2012, PCSO detectives arrested 19 suspects engaging in prostitution through e-commerce advertising for prostitution. 

The following are arrests made during this most recent investigation; details are based upon statement made by the suspects and other information learned by detectives: 

[record expunged] solicited an undercover detective for sex in exchange for money. During his arrest it was revealed he is a pharmaceutical salesman for Phizer. His territory is Lakeland.  He is married.  

Jose Ayala, DOB 05/11/1952, 2612 Dovehilll Way, Oviedo, purchased a sex toy prior to arrival after requesting to be dominated by the undercover detective.  During negotiations via telephone the suspect requested to be dominated and requested the sex toy be inserted inside him in exchange for money. Ayala is married but refused to provide any emergency contact information. Subject is a retired IRS agent and was in possession of his credentials at the time of his arrest.                                          

Natasha Sainteus, DOB 08/06/1994, 1613 Neptuen Avenue, Port St. Lucie, came to the undercover location after negotiating $350.00 for sex with the male undercover detective.  Upon her arrest her age became a question and it was learned she was only 17 years of age.  She refused to provide any demographic and family information. She claimed to be a ward of the state. She was transported to the Juvenile Assessment Center. Her charges include, Soliciting Prostitution, Escape (Felony), Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer (Felony) and Resisting with Violence.  Her name and information is being released because she has been charged with felonies.) 

Chetan Patel, DOB 01/15/1986, 10051 Oakside Court, Orlando, solicited two detectives for sex exchange for money. Detectives attempted to place him under arrest outside of the undercover location, however, Patel fled in his vehicle after detectives identified themselves. He backed his vehicle toward the detectives and struck a PCSO vehicle. He was apprehended while leaving the scene. Patel later told detective he knew they were law enforcement and fled because he did not want to be arrested.  He was charged with Soliciting a Prostitute, Aggravated Assault on Law Enforcement (3 counts), Leaving the Scene of an Accident, and Resisting Arrest without Violence. 

Christopher Bull, DOB 09/09/1978, 167 Cedar Avenue, Rutledge, Tennessee, attempted to flee upon arrest and became combative causing damage to a mirror in the undercover location.  Bull was charged with Battery to a Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting Arrest with Violence, Criminal Mischief, and Soliciting a Prostitute. He told detectives he was a military veteran with a girlfriend and a small child.

Robert Price, Jr., DOB 07/21/1989, 1475 Apollo Drive, Fort Myers and Christopher Gloster, DOB 07/23/1990, 3007 74th Street West Fort Myers,  Price and Gloster arrived at the undercover location and negotiated sex in exchange for money.  Upon arrest it was discovered Price was in possession of a semiautomatic Sig Saur 357 handgun.  The handgun was stolen out of Lee County.  Price was in possession of $600.00 and advised he purchased the gun from a street dealer. Both subjects are unmarried and unemployed. Both were charged with Soliciting a Prostitute and Price was charged with Possession of a Stolen Firearm. 

A complete list of those arrested is below:

[record expunged]; Charges, Solicit Prostitution.  Married – Employed by Pfizer Pharmaceutical as a Salesman.

Julio Antonio Alicea, DOB 08/08/1969, 7305 Keshishian Ct., Lakeland; Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Jose Martin Serrano-Canuto, DOB 02/04/1987, 206 ½ E. Wishkah St., Aberdeen, WA (temporarily staying in Auburndale – Self-employed contractor. Charges, Solicit Prostitution, Married – Serrano is an illegal-overstay and had an ICE hold placed on him.

Francoanuel Mendez-Acevedo, DOB 05/24/1982, 1704 Saint Tropez Ct., Kissimmee; Charges, Solicit Prostitution, Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Paraphernalia.  Married – Chef at “The Crave” restaurant at the Millennia Mall.  Subject arrived with a bottle of wine and a small quantity of cocaine.  $1500.00 in cash was found in vehicle and turned in to evidence.

Dominic Clifton, DOB 08/09/1986, 36 Millbrook Dr., Willingboro, NJ, Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Mario Gosselin, DOB 10/20/1971, 144 ABC Rd., Lake Wales; Charges, Solicit Prostitution. Married – Self-employed mechanic.

Yates F. Lansing, DOB 03/27/1945, 396 Cruisers Dr., Polk City; Charges, Solicit Prostitution; Lansing is Married.

George A. Panson, DOB 01/29/1954, 128 Goodwin Hill Rd., Morgantown, WV; Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Tonya Selica Rodrigues, DOB 07/23/1972, 7214 Gantry Ln., Orlando; Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Scott L. Alvarez, DOB 02/02/1970, 3735 Mulberry Grove Loop, Leesburg; Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Jose Ayala, DOB 05/11/1952, 2612 Dovehilll Way, Oviedo; Charges Solicit Prostitution.  He is a retired IRS Agent. Married. Subject is a retired IRS agent and was in possession of his credentials at the time of his arrest.

Ranardo A. Lamar, DOB 06/17/1983, 7214 Gantry Ln., Orlando; Charges, Deriving Proceeds From Prostitution.

Mark Graffrath, DOB 06/26/1963, 2329 Jungle St., Lakeland; Charges, Solicit Prostitution. Subject was arrested in 2008 during a similar operation in Inwood.

Eric T. Riley, DOB 09/22/1989, 38 Wallbridge Ave., Bayshore, NY; Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Gary Otterbacher, DOB 02/27/1981, 6137 Savoy Circle, Lutz; Charges, Solicit Prostitution.  During negotiations subject asked the undercover if she knew what county she was in.  Married.

William L. Kellner, DOB 05/03/1988, 1418 Tropical Dr., Apt. 1024, Orlando; Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Michael A. Khan, DOB 11/25/1975, 824 Homegrove Dr., Winter Garden; Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Joseph Vencius, DOB 04/02/1965, 5775 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

[record expunged]; Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Olesia Mirovaya, DOB 7/29/1989, 2859 38th Ave North, St. Petersburg; Charges, Solicit Prostitution and Possession Marijuana under 20 Grams.

Meghan Nicole Power, DOB 06/04/1989, 608 Dexter Dr., Dunedin; Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Pablo D. Herrera, DOB 10/05/1988, 216 Sheppard Ave., Dundee; Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

William F. Sumner, DOB 06/29/1988, 4665 Clark Rd., Bartow; Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

James M., Laplaca, DOB 06/29/1982, 1415 Euston Street, Kissimmee.  Charges, Solicit Prostitution, Possession of Cocaine, Possession Drug Paraphernalia, and maintaining Vehicle for Drug Use.

Ramon Castillo, DOB 11/23/1975, 810 Woodfield Court, Kissimmee.  Charges, Solicit Prostitution.  Castillo is the owner of La Martta Market, 3105 Hinson Avenue, Haines City.

Luigi Delbagno, DOB 10/11/1959, 143 Nichols Court, Kissimmee.  Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Edward J. Majewski, Jr., DOB 06/12/1943, 1833 Palmerston Circle, Ocoee.  Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

James W. Barnwell, DOB 1/27/1963, 11034 Lake Minneola Shores, Clermont.  Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Jose Eric Tavera-Munoz, DOB 09/20/1983, Room 224 Homesuites, Highway 27, Davenport.  Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Edward M. Drake, DOB 09/06/1968, 1506 Blueteal Drive, Brandon.  Charges, Exposure of Sexual Organs, Solicit Another to Commit Prostitution, Violation of Probation (Warrant out of Pasco for Burglary/Grand Theft, and VOP out of Hillsborough on 2 counts Burglary.

Brian Bulmer, DOB 06/27/1973, 620 Bridge Creek Boulevard, Ocoee.  Charges, Offer to Commit Prostitution. 

Dwayne C., Lambert, DOB, 11/16/1979, 601 Belmar Street, Lakeland.  Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Juan C. Laverde, DOB 07/15/1970, 1920 Bentley Boulevard, Kissimmee.  Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Chetan K. Patel, DOB 01/15/1986, 10051 Oakside Court, Orlando.  Charges, Solicit Prostitution, Leaving the Scene of Crash with Property Damage. 

Luis A. Alicea, DOB 08/11/1981, 13015 Plantation Park Circle, Orlando.  Charges, Solicit Prostitution.  Married.

Eli Lopez, DOB 06/24/1988, 2215 Jonathan Drive, Huntsville, Alabama.  Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Natasha Sainteus, DOB 08/06/1994, 1613 Neptuen Avenue, Port St. Lucie.  Charges, Soliciting Prostitution, Escape (Felony 1 degree), Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer (Felony 3 degree) and Resisting with Violence.

Jose Omar Tevara-Munoz, DOB 12/18/1985, Room 224 Homesuites Hotel, Davenport.  Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Christopher Bull, DOB 09/09/1978, 167 Cedar Avenue, Rutledge, Tennessee.  Charges, Offer to Commit Prostitution, Resisting with Violence, Criminal Mischief, and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer.

Patrick Carey, DOB 10/29/1963, 1285 Erdman Court, Apopka.  Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

Carlos Crespo, DOB 03/11/1986, 11849 Carnbourne Drive, Orlando.  Charges, Solicit Prostitution. 

Robert L. Price, Jr., DOB 07/21/1989, 1475 Apollo Drive, Fort Myers.  Charges, Solicit Prostitution, Grand Theft Firearm.

Christopher Gloster, (aka Goster) DOB 07/23/1990, 3007 74th Street West Fort Myers.  Charges Solicit Prostitution.

Jonathan P. O’Brien, DOB 090/04/1977, 253 Regency Street, Davenport.  Charges, Solicit Prostitution.

*This document has been modified based on court ordered record expungements.