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Citizen Alerts


Polk County uses Alert Polk - a critical communications system shared with most public safety operations across the State of Florida - to inform residents about public safety threats and concerns. During situations that may affect the health, safety, and welfare of Polk County residents, Alert Polk is used to out messages to subscribers, using their telephone numbers and email addresses.

PCSO also uses Alert Polk to notify citizens when a registered sexual predator relocates, per the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (see below).

Emergency notifications include:

• Tornadoes/Severe Weather
• Mandatory Evacuations
• Boil Water Orders
• Gas Leaks
• Sexual Predator Relocation Notices
• Critical Law Enforcement Notifications
• Hurricanes
• Hurricane Recovery Information

When you subscribe for emergency notifications, you'll receive vital updates when severe weather is threatening the county or about crime trends in your neighborhood. You'll also have the option of receiving community informational alerts.

You don't have to live in the county to register. Click here to subscribe.

These time-critical notifications will be sent directly to your home phone, cell phone, or email address. When you register, please be aware that phone carrier charges may apply for all alert messages and data. You will only receive alerts that affect the address you register.

Distraction Burglaries crime trend - Be Aware

Area/location : Countywide
Message from : Polk County Sheriff's Office - Crime Prevention
News date : May 29, 2018
Details :

The Polk County Sheriff's Office wants the public to "be aware" of numerous reports received on Distraction Burglaries and ask you share this information with family and friends.
    Distraction Burglaries involve fake service providers who arrive unexpectedly to your front door.  These folks will pose as tree-trimmers, roofers, landscapers, driveway pavers, salespersons or even claim to be from the utility company to lure elderly victims outside of their homes to discuss fabricated offers.  Once outside, their accomplices sneak inside your residence unnoticed, to steal anything of value.  These are skilled pitchmen who often utilize a walkie-talkie or cellular phone to stay in contact with each other, and may also have ID’s badges and business cards in an attempt to legitimize their scam. 
     Should you encounter a suspicious person attempting to solicit unwanted services at your home, we urged you to contact law enforcement immediately! If you feel uncomfortable with the stranger at your front door offering services you DO NOT WANT, call the Polk County Sheriff’s Office at 863-298-6200, to check them out for you. However, if you feel threatened or scared, call 9-1-1.  Homeowners are not obliged to invite solicitors inside their residents or to leave their home unattended.  
       By being aware of unexpected visitors you help reduce crime.