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Employee Benefits

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Employee Benefits

Are you interested in a rewarding career with great benefits? Join the PCSO green team! We are always seeking to hire qualified applicants. Please check our job openings weekly. Positions are filled periodically, but others become available due to promotions and transfers.

Our Human Resources Division is housed in the PCSO Sheriff’s Operations Center at 1891 Jim Keene Blvd in Winter Haven – located just off of Winter Lake Road, between Thornhill and Spirit Lake Roads. You can reach Human Resources at 863-298-6440, or by emailing

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Employee Benefits


Members are also eligible for the following:

  • SICK LEAVE POOL: After a donation of 8 hours, members can use up to 480 hours from the sick leave pool for catastrophic illness or injury after all other leave is exhausted
  • HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS: PCSO pays between 73-77% of monthly premium for employee and dependents
  • DENTAL AND VISION INSURANCE PLANS: Payroll deduction service
  • LIFE INSURANCE: PCSO provides $10,000 free Term Life policy, including an additional $10,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment; member may purchase additional coverage
  • EDUCATIONAL REIMBURSEMENT: Members are eligible after one year of service; member is reimbursed for college classes taken while employed, at the state of Florida university system rate; classes must be passed with a grade of “C” or higher for Associate and Bachelor level courses, and a “B” or higher for Master’s level courses
  • EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: Confidential counseling services available for members and their family members; Includes personal, credit, stress, marital and other counseling services
  • WORKERS COMPENSATION BENEFITS: PCSO pays 100% of premiums; Provides income protection for employees injured on the job; PCSO pays salary for first 40 hours not covered by Worker's Compensation; Also pays difference in regular salary and Worker's Compensation payments
  • MISCELLANEOUS BENEFITS: Uniforms, weapons and equipment provided; uniform cleaning allowance; clothing allowance (for eligible officers); take-home vehicles (sworn officers); and others
Employee Benefits

Florida Retirement System (Pension Plan)

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PCSO pays the majority of the retirement contributions. In addition, a mandatory 3% pretax contribution is paid by employee. Employee is fully vested and eligible for benefits after 8 years. Benefits based on length of service, percentage value and average of eight highest years of compensation.

Sworn and Certified employees classified as Special Risk receive higher percentage value and qualify for full benefits when: 

  • Age 60 with 8 years of Special Risk creditable service; or 
  • 30 years of Special Risk creditable service regardless of age; or
  • Age 57 with 30 years of combined Special Risk Service and military service.

Civilian employees classified as Regular qualify for full benefits when:

  • Age 65 with 8 years of creditable service; or
  • 33 years of service regardless of age.


Sworn and Certified members are eligible for education incentive payments as follows:

  • 2-year degree: $30.00 monthly; or
  • 4-year degree: $80.00 monthly; and
  • Master’s Degree: $600.00 annually

Sworn and Certified members are also eligible for incentive payments upon completion of approved CJSTC Advanced career development courses: $20.00 monthly for each 80 hours of instruction.

Sworn and Certified members may receive up to $130.00 monthly for a combination of courses.

Civilian employees are eligible for education incentive payments (paid in 2 lump sums per year) for college degrees as follows:

  • 2-year degree: $360.00 annual total
  • 4-year degree: $960.00 annual total
  • Master's degree: $1560.00 annual total
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Employee Benefits

Leave Time

Full-time employees are granted the following paid leave benefits:

  • Paid Time Off (PTO): 12 hours monthly. Increases with length of service.
  • Holiday Leave: 80 hours annually.
  • Funeral Leave: 24 hours for family members.
  • Military Leave: up to 17 days annually.