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Business Services Division

Office of Business Affairs

Business Services Division

The Business Services Division, under the leadership of Director Paul Baggett, is the largest civilian component in the agency that supports both Law Enforcement and Detention Departments. Their key objectives are to enhance the allocation and management of taxpayer's  dollars by providing quality services at the best possible price. To accomplish these objectives, the division has two support bureaus: Central Services, and Records Management. 

Director Paul Baggett

Central Services Bureau

The Central Services Bureau includes Fleet Management, Purchasing, Supply, and Facilities. Fleet maintains, services, and repairs all agency-owned vehicles. Purchasing members are responsible for bids, requests for quotes, and researching costs to ensure the agency receives the best prices for products and services. Supply orders and stocks supplies for all agency departments and divisions. The Facilities coordinator works with county facilities personnel to maintain all PCSO buildings countywide, including housekeeping services.

Records Management Bureau

The Records Management Bureau, under the leadership of Ms. Mary Venrick, is housed within the PCSO Sheriff's Operations Center in Winter Haven, and is responsible for processing and reviewing all completed law enforcement reports to ensure compliance with the Uniform Crime Report and public records laws. Records personnel process all agency-issued citations, pawn tickets, photos, and ensure compliance with state archive procedures. They respond to public records requests and conduct local background checks. Their main number is 863-298-6300.

Doing business with PCSO?

The Purchasing Unit is open for business Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with the exception of legal holidays. The main number is 863-298-6308.

PCSO purchases more than 64 million dollars worth of products and services each year, ranging from office supplies, vehicles, and emergency equipment, to food and clothing for inmates housed at our facilities. Purchasing welcomes new vendors to supply any and all of these items. We do ask that vendors make appointments whenever possible.

All vendors interested in doing business with PCSO should contact Purchasing to obtain the necessary forms to complete, then submit. Forms can be faxed to 863-298-6431, or sent to:

Polk County Sheriff's Office

ATTN: Purchasing

1891 Jim Keene Blvd

Winter Haven, FL  33880