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video and phone visitation

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Securus Phone and Video Services

The PCSO Department of Detention allows inmates at both the Central County Jail (located at 2390 Bob Phillips Road in Bartow) and the South County Jail (located at 1103 U.S. Hwy. 98 West in Frostproof) an opportunity to make phone calls or use video visitation to visit with friends and family members using the Securus system. The system allows inmates to make collect calls only. No incoming calls can be received by an inmate.

Visitors must determine which facility where their loved one is housed by using the inmate search function on this website, or calling 863-292-3400.

Family and friends must then visit the Securus website to set up an account.

There are three payment options when using this service:

1. The TRADITIONAL collect account allows inmates' family members and friends to receive collect calls and have the charges included on your monthly bill (cell or landline).

2. The DIRECT BILL allows inmates' family members and friends to have the call charges billed monthly to them. A credit check is required to qualify.

3. The ADVANCE CONNECT is a prepaid calling account and the most widely used payment option - it allows the inmates' family members and friends the ability to control spending and ensures calls are received.

Please contact Securus with any questions at 877-578-3658.